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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  September 26, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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a deadly boating crash kills a rising major league baseball star with ties to the tampa bay area. a look at the impact star pitcher jose fernandez had here. >> and all eyes will turn to new york tonight where donald trump and hillary clinton face debate. still ahead, a look at how the candidates are preparing and what is at stake. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. happy monday to you. i'm melanie michael in for gayle. >> i'm gene ramirez. thank you for wake ing up with us. let's get you out the door with a check on the weather with leigh. >> good morning. we have clear skies but one area it has been raining there for several hours. it's just finally began to sort
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hear a few claps of thunder along i-75. 77 in plant city, brooksville you're at 75, lakeland 75, sarasota currently at 76 degrees. basically dry through the morning. now, as we head through the afternoon i do expect a good coverage of rain, about a 40% chance and the storms are slow moving. afternoon high around 89. coming up in weather and traffic 8s at 4:08 one area in the tropics you attention to. leslee is tracking the traffic over the roads. >> some construction but not too bad. travel times i-4 through plant city things look great. no delays there. now headed over to a little bit outside here in the polk county area, eastbound i-4 right near the polk parkway, got some construction, possible detours in place so keep that in mind. let's take a look at the hour howard frankland bridge. only 6 minutes to cross it. back to melanie and gene.
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mourning miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez. he was in on -- on a boat when it crash intoed -- crashed into a jetty. he was only 24. he came to tampa when he was 15. fernandez went onto a promising pro baseball career. news channel 8's chip osowski has more. >> well, good morning to you. those who knew joe here at alonzo high school knew he had what it took to become a major leaguer. same came by the school here on sunday to share their stories. >> wearing his fernandez jersey former alonzo resource officer can't help by smile. >> he was a good kid. he was full of life. amazing pitcher. it was just a
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he even came back after he made the marlins just to come and see us. >> the florida martins select jose fernandez. >> [cheers] >> selected by the florida martins in the 2011 draft, fernandez's life hit the facing charges lane. -- hit the fast lane. >> friends and colleagues reflect on the young man before the big leagues. >> we had this thing on the field. he glowed. everyone l because he was so aggressive and so -- he put all his heart into the game. you know, i think that really says a lot about a player. >> tremendous kid. just always had a smile on his face. he never -- he enjoyed just making people laugh. he never -- he always had time to say hi to you and never thought he was too good. it's so sad. >> i was i have a picture of him and i standing there after they won the 2011 championship.
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stare at that. >> he believes his life is one of many that jose fernandez touched. >> he was just so -- he had fun with life. that's -- i even called him my hero. you know, when you look up to certain sports heroes i mean even though he was i -- he was younger than me he was -- i thought the world of that kid. >> there's quite a few faculty members and staff who have been here a number of years so no douber discussion later this morning. in hillsborough county, i'm chip osowski, news channel 8. >> there's more sad news to share with you this morning. legendary golfer arnold palmer has passed away. the 87-year-old died in pittsburgh from complications related to heart problems. palmer was nicknamed the king and known for taking chances saying, quote,
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he did. he won more than 90 tournaments including 7 majors, 4 of them masters. time now 4:05. hillary clinton and donald trump face off tonight for their first presidential yes date. the stakes -- presidential debate. the stakes couldn't be higher. they are in a dead heat. meredith is in the tampa news center with a look ahead. >> reporter: hey, gene. tonight's debate mark s s the start of the 7 week home stretch to electionay clinton and trump must convince voters of their vision for america's future. for hillary clinton the biggest challenge will be to provoke trump and avoid being provoked while delivering an ernest and candid performance. for trump it's a test to stay on trip and keep his cool. clinton stirring things up over the weekend by inviting trump critic mark cuban
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flowers, who had an affair with bill clinton, to attend. >> mr. trump was putting them on notice that we can invite guests to get into the head of hillary clinton. we have not invited her formally and we don't expect her to be there. >> i think mark cuban was a business leader who endorsed hillary because he thinks she'll do better for the economy. >> a washington post abc vote, trump with 44%. now in addition to right here on news channel 8 the debate will be live online. facebook and twitter will live stream the debate and it will also be carried by multiple digital news out lets. you tube will have coverage from six news services and younger generations are being targeted by snap chat that
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bite size nuggets. >> must watch tv or content down to the person sitting in the front row. meredith, thank you. news channel 8 has you covered for that debate. you can watch it right here beginning at 9:00 tonight. also our rod carter is in hemstead, new york with a look at the show down. oc is campaigning today for hillary clinton. the rally begins at 12:15. it's day two of caine's florida swing. he campaigned in orlando yesterday. he's already pumping up supporters for clinton's debate performance. >> i'll tell you, i know this about hillary clinton, when the lights are bright like they are now she brings the a plus game to the table .
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candidates will also face off in a debate. caine is set to face off against mike pence on tuesday. right now the mayor in charlotte, north carolina lifted the curfew after days of protest over the killing of an african-american man by police. the protests continue by remained peaceful on sunday. about 100 demonstrators stood outside the bank of america stadium as the fans walked into the carolina panthers game yesterday. cam newton wear martin luther king t-shirt during warm up yesterday. outside demonstrators took a knee. 4:08 is the time. let's get a check of weather and traffic on the 8s. >> generally quite. i wanted to take you back over the last 12 hours, starting at 4:00 yesterday afternoon when it was at that point mostly die. -- mostly dry. let me show you what has been happening over the last 12 hours. right now the
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citrus and hernando county. i have basically left it dry the morning. maybe a little patchy clouds. 10% rain chance at noon when it's 86. rain chances going up. 30% in the early afternoon, 40% later in the evening and highs today at 89 degrees. the scattered downpours will continue through midweek. a front could lower orer our rain chances for friday and saturday. i'm keeping an eye on invest 97l that has a0% generally it's going to head to the west but this is a five day forecast. we have plenty of time to keep an eye on it. now traffic on the 8s with leslee. >> a up -- a couple of problems out there. over night construction and one accident in tampa. let's take a look at what is going on here in the tampa bay area. i'm going to zoom in tampa. we have a collision at hillsborough at orient. one lane is blocked due to that crash. no delays so that's good news.
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reminder, eastbound i-4 at the polk porkway. no delays on 275. i'll come back and take a look at sarasota. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to melanie and gene. >> thank you, leslee. bucs fans wake ing up disappointed. the team blew a 10-point lead to lose their home opener against the rams. the bucs were up by 10 and with less than 2 minutes left in the game you may called a weather delay for an approaching thunderstorm. it got kind of squirrely out there. the play resumed 69 minutes later but the rams won 37-32. >> our cull ture is -- our culture is not where it needs to be. that starts with me. i'm the head of that. i'm putting that scare squarely on my shoulders. >> we have to get over that hump, man. i have to find what it is and get over that hump.
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the bucs fall to 1-2 on the season. next sunday they take on the denver broncos. a new device that bay area doctors are using could be a game changer when it comes to treating breast cancer patients. >> this break-through device and how it's working to save time and money. >> a university on edge after gunfire erupts. the search for the gun >> you're watching news channel 8 on this monday morning. a financial relationship with someone that understands and cares about your business. pnc corporate and institutional banking offers strategies tailored to your company's needs. know that our dedicated teams of local experts offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow
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across america, two shootings near the university of illinois campus. the shooter or shooters are still on the loose this morning. the first shooting happened at an off-campus apartment dg four people were shot and one person died. the second shooting happened 30 minutes later at another apartment. investigators in champagne believe the two cases are related. in st. louis someone is shooting out windows with a bb or pellet gun. police received hundreds of calls from folks whose vehicle windows were scattered over the weekend.
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reaction alert system. during the bombing last week of admad khan rahami he said it only gave people a brief description. he believes it should allow for pictures. >> when a terrorist or other dangerous criminal is on the run a picture is not only worth a thousand words but it could save a thousand lives in the right person sees it. >> the emergency alert system was rolled out mainly warns people about dangerous weather or missing children. in your 8 on your side medical report a new device made to remove breast cancer tumors easier and less expensive. >> surgeons in tampa bay are now the first to use a non-radio active device that pinpoints breast tumors and allows surgeons the more accurately remove the tissue effected.
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no problems. >> i talked one on one with patient joyce just moments before she had her tumor removed. leading up to the surgery she was injected with a small rice-sized ultra sound technology that allows doctors to pinpoint where lesions are located. >> you can actually see on the probe numbers so you know how close you are to it based on t device is and you see it. you make your incision and take it out. >> the break-through device developed by dr. charles cox is thanks to grant money thanked to an organization called hooked on hope. >> you can help us to get the resources we need to be able to provide the newest and best technology for our patients that can't afford it or that wouldn't normally be able to afford it.
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>> the women of hooked on hope raise money for breast cancer research through fishing tournaments held right here in tampa bay. they also organize yoga classes and pamper parties. the big annual hooked on hope fishing tournament is next week and they always have a good time. to find out more log onto our website excitement building for hockey and the tampa hundreds attended the fan fest for the bolts this weekend. they got a chance to watch the team scrimmage and get autographs from their favorite players out there. >> people love hockey here and it's so fun to be with other people who like hockey and to watch our amazing team. >> pre-season hockey kicks off tomorrow for the lightning. they tack on the hurricanes at amalie arena. the puck drops at 7:30. coming up on 4:18 what's the forecast, leigh? >> not too bad. still doesn't feel like hockey weather.
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it's steamy. i've been tracking this area of thunderstorms that's completely gone now. eastern portions of citrus and hernando county had some thunderstorms that lasted well into the over night hours. now a bit muggy when you wake up at 8:00 a.m. at 77 degrees. at noon 86 and at 4:00 p.m. it's 89 degrees. inverness, you're a little comer at 72, verses 77. i checked in with my weather watcher bob in venice and he said 75. there will be some lingering clouds out there this morning and feeling muggy. storms will start to develop just after lunch time and they will be rather slow moving. if you get on the one that may produce a good amount of rain continuing until 8:15 before the evening rain ends. tomorrow morning just a slim rain chance, still summer like out there.
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storms towards the east. 40% tomorrow. look at temperatures in the morning going down into the low 70s. a little bit of a change but a good one. leslee. >> i promised you a look at the suncoast area. a great drive on 75. also in sarasota no delays on 75. no construction right now. usually we around of -- around university and 75 but right now none. a accident hillsborough at orient road. some construction eastbound i-4 near the polk parkway. i checked the cameras and don't see any. i guess it has wrapped up. no detours on our cameras. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to melanie and gene. >> leslee, thanks. snap chat is adding a new
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form of unique glass es. >> still ahead, a look at the glasses and what they can do. >> plus, a deal alert. why now is the time to cash in on travel deals and the savings that you can find. >> you're watch news -- you're
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we are back. now an 8 on your side consumer watch. now is the time to think about taking a trip. fall is considered one of the cheapest times to travel.
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and hotels have trouble filling their vacancies. the reason is, schools are back in session so families aren't traveling as much. the deals are so good right now cruise lines are offering trips at 40 to 60% less than what you would pay during the busy season in winter and spring. this week kicks off national diaper need awareness. it's a wet set aside to understand the struggle that many families face. a new report indicates that one in three families don't ve babies. organizers of this awareness week hopes to encourage folks to donate diapers to families in need. snap chat is now branching out. check these out. the social media app is introducing the first hardware product, video recording glasses. that's what you're looking at right there. they're called spectacles, apparently they come in all these different colors. with them you can record video 10 seconds at a time. the video is uploaded to the memory
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store shelves soon and will cost you about $130. >> pretty fancy. >> people will be videoing everything that you're doing now. >> one of these days i think they'll have a chip inserted in our heads and we just -- >> like a contact lens or something. still ahead this morning, the latest on the situation in charlotte, north carolina after yet another night of protests. >> plus, the stage is set in new york. just ahead, a look at how the presidential candidates are preparing for one of the biggest nights of their lives. >> first a downtown tampa. weather and traffic on the 8s coming up in just about 3 minutes.
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it is time for weather and traffic on the 8s early on this monday morning. that means you may be having to wrestle the kids out of bed. not bad at the bus stop. warm and dry and 77
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now, when they get dropped off from school today high humidity with a scattering of thunderstorms with a high around 89 degrees. that means a 40% chance that you'll see one of these thunderstorms that will be with you for a while. they're not moving very quickly. i drop the rain chance to 30% tomorrow, back up to 40% on wednesday. look at this, we trend down to just a 20% chance on friday as a weak cold front sinks into our area. more details on it coming up. leslee, how about the 8?s >> over all a wonderful drive through new port richey and through the palm harbor area on 19 and state road 54. now out in tampa an accident reported here eastbound on hillsborough avenue. one lane taken away. that's right at or ient road. keep that one in mind. let's take a live look at traffic out here. this is actually the sellman expressway. traffic is moving by. they do some
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level and upper level and traffic looks great. crossing the courtney campbell cause way just 7 minutes on that combhut.
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all eyes on the university in new york where the stage is set for the first presidential debate. coming up, how the candidates are preparing for tonight's face off. >> remembering joe -- jose fernandez. the marlins piter tragic boating accident. a look back at his career is next. >> the protests continue but what really happened in charlotte when police fatally shot a black man after he climbed out of his car. video of that deadly encounter could hold the key and all the answers. good morning and happy monday to you. welcome to news channel 8. i'm melanie michael in for gayle. >> i'm gene ramirez. let's get a check on the weather for you with leigh spann. >> good morning.


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